Testimonials from Woodland Lodging Resort visitors

Woodland Lodging-06Here is what our visitors have to say about us and their stay at the Woodland Lodging Resort.

Hi, our names are Derek and Linda and we have been staying with our parents at Woodland Lodging Resort for three years in a row now, every time discovering more and more about this wonderful park The Smokies. We are now ten and we can say that Karl and Jane are such nice people as well as everyone else that works at Woodland Lodging Resort. The rooms are also great and we especially love the fishing that they organize every Tuesday. The pool is also great and we love to swim after we get back from long walks in the woods. We saw a couple of bears last week and they were a bit scary!

Linda and Derek Jones, TX

My wife and I were one of the first visitors to the Woodland Lodging Resort when it opened back in the 90s. We have been going back almost every year and there are a few reasons for that. First of all, we just fell in love with the Smokies from the first time we stepped into the Park. Also, we could not think of a better place than Woodland Lodging Resort to make your base camp so to say. They have organized such great walks and bicycle rides into the Smokies and the various parts of the park. Also, I love the fishing trips that they organize and my wife even started coming with me. We take a few days almost every year to visit the people from Woodland Lodging Resort and the Smokies.

Jeff and Tamara, NYC

Woodland Lodging Resort is simply the place to go to and stay at if you are visiting the Smokies. The folks there are just like family and they make you feel like part of the family. We have stayed in touch with Jane and Karl ever since we first visited the resort and one year we stayed there for free because we were in a bit of a bind with the money. If you know someone else who would do this for you, then you must also be one lucky person.

Harvey, IL

Woodland Lodging-05My husband and I have been visiting a number of national parks throughout the US in the last decade or so and in the last few years we have also been taking our two children with us. The absolutely best place we have visited are the Smokies and the place where we stayed is called Woodland Lodging Resort. It is an incredible place with the most comfortable rooms and the tastiest food you will ever eat outside of your own home. They have tons of events and excursions organized every week and you really get to know the Smokies. We have not seen as much of any other national park in the country and it is all thanks to people from Woodland Lodging Resort. We will definitely be back!

Stephanie and Mitch Stevenson

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What you can expect from Woodland Lodging Resort

Woodland Lodging Resort is definitely not the only place where you can stay when visiting the Smokies, as there are almost 10 million people visiting this national park every year and our 48 rooms are far too little to accommodate for so many people. We like to think of [...] Continue Reading…

Woodland Lodging Resort – about us

Woodland Lodging Resort is, quite simply put, the place to stay at if you are visiting the Smokies, the most incredible national park in the entire of the US. We are located just outside of Bryson City and we are less than a stone’s throw from the very entrance [...] Continue Reading…